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[학술 참고] Some Hong Kong & China Links.

김영재 2003-11-14 (금) 10:18 16년전 1823
Some Hong Kong & China Links.
Hong Kong is a place of experiences.  A tourist can see a lively blend of east and west in culture, architecture, shopping, goods, and services.  It is an assault of sounds, smells, and sights that you will remember for a long time after you return home.  If you live there, you can work like a dog to make money to get ahead as it is an entrepreneurial place. I've heard it described as manic, where "everybody's making money, everybody's positive, everybody's investing, the stock market is wild."  With the recession Hong Kongers were hit hard.  Many people lost hundreds of thousands or millions of $US on property.  People had to pick up and start all over after going through a depressing phase.  It is harder to get ahead right now, but socialist tendencies will frowned upon.  Family and friends will always help out.  Still, it seems like Hong Kongers always see a bright future and pick themselves up to move forward once again.  You will not find too many locals complaining about this situation (although there is always a small vocal minority - like anywhere else in the world). The local Chinese are generally happy now and things are running smoothly without the British in power.  I'm glad colonialism is over.  Hong Kong does owe the British a great deal as they guided the colony, built the infrastructure, and gave rule of law to the colony, but they had great privileges and made a ton of money from the place in return.  I had not been back to Hong Kong since I was 10 years old and it was a long overdue trip.  The colony has changed and for the better either way in the last 23 years.

It is hard to describe a feel for the city, but I would use the words vibrant and energetic.  The city bustles with activity.  Things are happening all around you. People are everywhere and make it come to life. Even the highrises and skyscrapers do not block out the sun and with their infinite variety add to the variety of the city.  Shops are everywhere and shopping is a favourite pastime.  I would think only New York's Manhattan Island might have this feel of bustle and energy.

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