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The East-West Center뭩 mission is to build understanding, relations and a sense of community among the nations of Asia and the Pacific. The Center뭩 Research Program addresses issues of contemporary policy significance in a comparative context.
East-West Center activities are multinational and collaborative in nature, involving participants and institutions from the U.S. and through out the Asia- Pacific region. The Center fosters partnerships that address significant, real world problems and disseminates information and analysis to policymakers and the public. It strives to develop innovative collaboration between scholars, scientists and decision makers in addressing the political, economic, demographic, resource and environmental challenges facing the region. The research program is organized into four broad study areas: Politics, Governance, and Security, Economics, Environmental Change, Vulnerability, and Governance, and Population and Health. Themes being explored by resident and visiting fellows change depending on research and policy needs. Areas of current cross-cutting interest include

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